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Use our Intelligent Automation Services to automate out cost, time and monotony while automating in speed, accuracy and productivity

Organizations rely on manual interventions to maintain their workflow across enterprise systems and legacy applications. This makes processes difficult to integrate and restricts enterprise agility in the face of changing market dynamics or new ways of working.

Intelligent automation does not require any changes to your existing enterprise systems and applications – it interacts with them just as one of your employees would, reproducing the manual interventions with high levels of accuracy and efficiency. Using a low-code approach, Intelligent automation technologies are applied over your current systems, minimizing start-up costs and time to market, delivering real business value in a matter of just weeks.

We deploy Intelligent Automation solutions to create seamless, highly efficient processes that significantly improve both the employee and the customer experience.

This reduces cost, increases productivity and improves the quality of work. Once implemented, your Intelligent automation powered digital workforce runs 24 hours a day to transform the labor-intensive elements of your business. Freed from the drudgery of manual interventions, your human workforce is free to focus on more fulfilling and valuable tasks.

A major portion of your operational costs is used by processes that require the manual swivel chair activities such as data entry into ERP systems. These activities are typically handled by humans, unless they are automated through expensive and complex integrated solutions.

With these repetitive, tedious manual tasks, we have an opportunity to deploy the Robotic Process Automation solutions to increase accuracy, reduce costs, and positively impact your customer experiences.

Our technical implementations are delivered by high quality specialists with extensive experience of creating high-performance automation programs. Be it processes driven by ERP or Non-ERP platforms, the right mix of resources with the rights skills is what drives automation success, and we recognize the importance. Accordingly, the resources onboarded to the projects not only have the automation technical expertise, but also an understanding of the business domain and the technical platforms. That’s why our skilled professionals consistently create the most innovative and effective approaches to meeting customer requirements.

We work collaboratively with your Centre of Excellence teams to build internal skills and capacity. In addition, we monitor your automations for an extended period post-launch in our hypercare phase to provide proactive support. 

A few uses cases we delivered successfully
  • Contracts Creation
  • Purchase Requisition Automation
  • Vendor Invoice Management
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Sales Order Creation
  • Payment Process
  • A/R Process
  • Daily Sales Reporting
  • Employee master data management
  • Vacation administration
  • Benefits and payroll reconciliation
  • Audit and compliance
  • Inter company sales reporting and reconciliation